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Follow along if you please. 

Lately I have not been drawing. I had to figure some life things out and get illustration back on my radar. This is what I want to do with my life, so I got myself some new tools during an Inktober sale on Art Snacks, thinking I would have time to do an illustration every day for the month of October. I didn't succeed. I never do with these challenges. I did however learn how to use ink and pen which has been making me draw more. It's crazy how different it is from using a Micron. Not that I haven't drawn a lot of things with microns. A smart story teller, Rich Iwen, asked me to draw monsters. This is going to be our journal of turning these characters into more than just drawings

Scaly Chompodon


The Scaly Chompodon is the largest member of the Chompodon family.  It lives underneath dryers and washing machines and in mudrooms and near coatracks, mostly in houses with small children. This monster can be identified by the "click-clack" sound it makes while walking, and the fact that it lacks a tail. Other Chompodons, such as the ClompoChompodon are very noisy and hide their tracks by swishing their tail behind them.   Despite their many fierce spikes and plates, Scaly Chompodons are calm and peaceful monsters.

More to come...