Art Direction, Graphic Design & Illustration


Holiday Card 2016

One of my all time favorite things is seeing something we have worked on for weeks come to life; plus working with animator Adam Morrison is fun. Collaborating with other teams is a good way to get different points of view that I may not have seen.

2016 Infor Holiday card

The holiday card is always a challenge because we have 11 countries and several different languages we need to account for. Hook & Loop decided to reinvent illustrations we used for Inforum 2016 opening video.

Process of creation: Pitch the idea to Hook & Loop's director, convert languages to go along with the city landmarks and create keyframes and send over to animation.  

Illustrations done by Danielle Fisher, Melissa DiPeri, Josh Davis, and animation by Adam Morrison.

Collateral: Chris Loa
Development: Dan Soelberg.