Art Direction, Graphic Design & Illustration



Free love timelapse illustration

Andrew Bird timelapse illustration

Infor Holiday Card 2016

Infor Holiday card to celebrate the holidays and new year. 11 languages and cities. Illustrated by Danielle Fisher, Melissa DiPeri, Josh Davis, animated by Adam Morrison. See blog post for how this video was created.

Inforum 2014 Show opener

Inforum 2014 had a 100 foot LED screen. This is the opening sequence the first day of the show. This was a group effort. Text at the end, that's mine. 

We worked closely with the animators and created keyframes and directed the intended motions throughout the animation. 

Infor Holiday Card 2015

We needed to create the typical corporate holiday card, based on it having to be universally acceptable. Good luck with that ask. We brainstormed and all enjoyed the idea of origami. Alicia Lo, a graphic designer at Hook & Loop followed along the script we came up with, working with the video team in the production, this was the end result. Fun project. 

Infor Harper's Bazaar Icon Event

This was the opening of Harper Bazaar's Icon event. Sponsored by Infor. We came up with the abstract direction to signify known brands without infringing to closely on the brands identities. Good luck with that ask too.